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Structured Cabling is a vital component in today's information-based Environment. Structured Cabling, using high-performance components, can offer long-term support for delivering the most demanding network solutions. Our complete solutions can support any voice or data application and are designed to futureproof your network infrastructure.

Switching and Routing

Today, the definition of data has expanded to include any piece of communication that can be expressed in the bits and bytes of the digital world. This can range from text to graphics, music voice, and simple emails to sophisticated web content. The rapid growth of the Internet has enhanced data communications in modern life.


RITIS utilises its long-cultivated wireless communication technology to provide mobile systems for indoor spaces, local area wireless communication systems, wireless broadband systems, and other communication infrastructures.

DATACENTER -Site Preparation

RITIS provides its customers with mission-critical tiered data centre solutions that incorporate the highest degree of reliability, performance with cost-efficiency. We aim to design and build passive and active data centres using technologies that support current and future applications.

Unified Communication- IP Telephony

Unified Communications: is the Integration of all communication technology systems such as Messaging, IP Video, IP Telephony, E-mail, Voicemail and Video Conferencing -- all integrated using an IP Network system and common management platform.


Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorised access or illegal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. RITIS Co is helping its clients to secure the networking system they have against any attacks.


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