IT Solutions

RITIS specializes in delivery and installation of SMATV/MATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) systems utilizing multiple satellite and broadcast signals to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution to a cabling network. RITIS provides high quality SMATV infrastructure for educational institutions and commercial projects.

SMATV Systems can be used in several applications such as Universities, hospitals, health facilities, residential compounds, etc. A typical SMATV System provided by RITIS is a headend system with every channel having its own dedicated receiver modulated to a particular channel. These channels are then combined together and are broadcasted directly to your television without any additional equipment within the unit.

RITIS SMATV Systems are favored for their cost-effective programming and ease for end users and ease of use. RITIS SMATV systems can be scaled up or down to meet our customers’ changing requirements. RITIS can design, build, install, service and maintain your SMATV system.

Products & Solutions

Fully Integrated SMATV system with Professional Receivers/Modulators (Rack Mounted) for analogue & digital channels, Professional Modulators (Rack Mounted) for digital channels, Inside Cable plant, including all necessary SMATV amplifiers, Drop cable, Taps, Splitters and IF switches for the Distribution Network – with all accessories.